Why use a silk eye mask?

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What is a silk sleep eyemask?

The silk sleep eye mask is made up of a lining made from long filaments of mulberry silk covered in 19 momme silk fabric. An elastic allows it to be attached to the face.

It reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the area around the eyes and brings a feeling of well-being to the face, helping you to get to sleep more easily.

A beauty product

The silk sleep eye mask is the perfect complement to the silk pillowcase. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles primarily in the area around the eyes. It maintains the hydration of the skin and does not absorb creams. You can therefore go to bed in peace without needing to worry that your face cream might be absorbed by your cotton pillowcase.

Sleep and relaxation

Establishing an evening ritual allows you to get to sleep more quickly. Drinking an infusion, putting on some soothing music, taking a hot bath, everyone has their own ways. In the same way, putting on your silk sleep mask will act as a signal to your body that it’s time to go to sleep.

For purists, simultaneous use of a silk mask and a silk pillowcase offers facial skin a calming feeling of softness that helps you to get to sleep more quickly. Being aware of the beneficial properties of silk, we feel protected and special. Time no longer has a hold on us. The relaxation is instant. When you wake up, your eyelids will feel much fresher and you will look more rested.

If you are bothered by sunlight passing under your door and stopping you from getting to sleep during your nap, your mask will also help you with this.

For transport

During your long trips, replace the traditional and basic Air France mask with your luxurious silk mask. Not only is it more pleasant and relaxing, it’s also much more stylish!

Why choose our silk sleep masks?

Our masks are made from 100% mulberry silk. This is the best silk in terms of benefits to skin, softness and comfort.

Faithful to our line of healthy and natural products, we have chosen to only offer the colour ivory. This is the natural colour of undyed and unbleached silk. Any product that is directly in contact with the skin and eyelids should be as natural as possible. To prove it, this product is tested by the Oeko Tex laboratory, which ensures the absence of undesirable substances.