Why is silk ideal in the summer?

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Summer is a difficult time of year for people who suffer from sleep problems or hot flushes. Heat keeps you awake and causes increased perspiration.

With temperatures changing drastically from one day to the next, you find yourself having to alternate between using a light duvet, a sheet or even nothing at all. Summer mornings can also often be very chilly, even though the evenings are hot. In these circumstances, it’s easy to catch cold if you don’t cover yourself properly.

And on top of all this, the menopause, hormonal changes and certain medical conditions can interfere with our body’s temperature regulation mechanisms.

Fortunately, and due to its thermal properties, silk solves or at least reduces these problems.

Silk duvets

High quality handmade silk duvets are made by layering multiple pieces of silk fabric on top of each other. This ancient manufacturing method results in a product with optimal thermal properties that allows air to circulate and insulates against both hot and cold temperatures.

It also allows excess heat and perspiration to dissipate. Silk thus helps the body to regulate its temperature efficiently.

Light and supple, silk duvets adapt closely to the contours of your body and provide incomparable protection and comfort.

Silk pillows

A low quality pillow can be the source of sleep problems. In order to fall asleep quickly, the head should not be too warm and the pillow needs to be clean. Silk helps to keep the pillow clean, which in turn reduces respiratory problems and itching (find out more about silk and allergies).

You will find pillows that have a 100% silk filling on our website. Silk provides superior levels of thermal comfort and reduces perspiration.

You will also find pillows made from silk and bamboo charcoal. Activated bamboo charcoal absorbs unpleasant odours and pollutants. These become trapped in the fibres of the bamboo charcoal core at the inner centre of the pillow. These kinds of pillows therefore offer the advantages of these double acting eco-friendly fibres.

Silk bed linen

silk bed linen

Using a cotton duvet cover does not mean you don’t get to enjoy the benefits of the thermal properties provided by a silk duvet cover. However, silk bedding does provide an additional insulating layer. Silk sheets allow for superior air circulation, and silk is better at dissipating excess heat and moisture than other materials.

Silk is also impressively absorbent. Even in the presence of perspiration, silk sheets always look dry compared to cotton sheets, which quickly become soaked. And what could be more unpleasant than sleeping in a bed with damp sheets?

On the kind of very hot nights for which a sheet is enough in the evening but not enough to protect against the cool temperatures of morning, the solution is silk sheets, which insulate against both the heat and the cold.

And as an added bonus, they are also sensuously soft to the touch and provide a delightful sensation of luxuriousness.

By opting for silk bedding, therefore, you enhance your levels of comfort and ensure your sleep is less disturbed and of a superior quality, enabling you to make the most of what the summer period has to offer.