The silk pillowcase: your beauty secret

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What are the properties of silk?

Silk is a soft and resistant material, which has been recognised for millennia due to both its physical and purifying properties.

First of all, silk is an insulating material which makes it the perfect cover for top of the range duvets and pillows.

Secondly, its softness and sensual touch are highly pleasant in luxury clothing and bed sheets.

Finally, few people know the beneficial properties of silk on the skin. It is really a true beauty ally as it does not irritate, and also protects the skin and hair from dehydration. Silk bed clothes therefore not only provide a feeling of luxury and pleasure, but also comfort and beneficial properties.

Luxury which is eventually affordable

For some years large brands have been selling silk pillowcases bolstered by the costs of marketing, unnecessary packaging, and mostly using costly sales networks.

By avoiding all of these pointless fees, Maison de la Soie offers silk pillowcases of the same quality at a price two or three times lower.

What is the best silk?

The quality of silk mainly varies according to the type of butterfly that produces it. The most famous silk is mulberry silk. This comes from the cocoons of Bombyx Mori caterpillars who only eat mulberry leaves. The fibres of this silk are resistant, in long strands and in a shiny, slightly ivory white.

This quality of silk has nothing to do with wild silk, or tussah silk which has completely different properties and a different look.

Then, the selection of more or less long mulberry silk fibres gives the grade.

Finally, it’s important to choose a sufficiently thick fabric so that it resists washes well.

On our site, you will find grade A silk bed clothes with a density of 19 mommes which is perfectly suited for machine washing. This means that you’ll avoid the chore of washing it by hand as is advised for mommes below 16.

What colour should you choose?

We made the choice to offer the most natural products possible. That is why on our site you’ll mainly find silk bed clothes which are not dyed. Silk’s natural colour is a slightly ivory-tinged white. This soothing colour is obviously kinder to your skin than a chemical dye. This is available in plain silk satin and in patterned jacquard silk.

Ivory silk satin pillowcase

Silk jacquard is very luxurious visually, but is not as soft as silk satin. Jacquard silk pillowcases therefore have one side in silk satin for nighttime and another side in jacquard for daytime decoration so as to benefit from the advantages of both fabrics.

Jacquard silk pillowcase

We also have a chocolate colour for those who wish.