The silk cocoon: the perfect facial beauty treatment

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Take your time with make-up at your fingertips!

You have of course heard of “layering”, this revolutionary concept that advocates a return to the fundamentals of facial care by renouncing the “cosmetic zapping” and the fashion of the “all-in-one” where a single product applied in a single swift gesture claims to hydrate, unify, illuminate, protect you from UV and rejuvenate your skin by 10 years. The language of advertising!

And so, you have naturally, as you say, decided with delight to come back to facials that re aptly name, where taking their time has its importance and hastiness leaves room for a learned sequenced of chronological gestures and quasi-ritual precision.


It is in line with this current trend that we invite you to regain the happiness of taking care yourself, which the Land of the Rising Sun surprises us with a cosmetic procedure that we Europeans find a bit confusing but is never the less 100% natural, infinitely pleasant as well as being promising; the cocoon of silk worms! Yes, you read that right! Japan and its unusual cosmetics never fail to surprise us.

Because in Asia exfoliation plays an integral part of daily make-up routines, the facial scrub infused with the mulberry cocoon silk (bombyx mori) is a beauty secret which has been used for centuries, previously reserved for Japanese princesses, emperors and aristocracy alike.

Two beneficial proteins

Fibroïne, the protein that constitutes the fiber of silk, primarily offers exfoliating qualities. Although very soft to the skin, it has a slightly rough and abrasive structure to thoroughly clean the skin and absorb impurities while gently removing dead skin.

Secondly, Sericin, another silk protein, has moisturizing properties for the skin and contains more than twenty amino acids and natural antioxidants. It dissolves in hot water and brings a beneficial and restorative care to the skin. And so, the pores are purified and the texture of the skin is refined over time. Its two proteins are also commonly used in cosmetics in extremely small doses. `By applying them directly to your skin, you benefit from the most luxurious facial treatment offered to us by nature! The use of the silk cocoons helps with symptoms of acne, strengthens the skin, makes it more beautiful and reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

How does it work?

It’s simple. The cocoons are pure and natural, without any additional additives. They look like large thimbles. Simply soak them in warm water (40 ° C) for a few minutes until the cocoon softens, then put a cocoon on your index finger and rub it over the face in small, circular motions after having previously removed any make-up and cleansed the face.

The cocoon can be used up to two times. Just let it dry out sheltered from the sun. And voila! The result, clean, fresh skin with a visibly tightened complexion. You can gently exfoliate your skin every day for a complexion
more silky smooth than ever before, without damaging your epidermis. Available to order on the site of the House of Silk in packs of 15 cocoons of mulberry silk (bombyx mori).

There are cocoon packets for facial beauty care.

The silk cocoons are also available in packs as silk beauty masks.

Pack d'un masque en soie et d'un sachet de cocons de soie