How can duvets and pillows in silk combat allergies?

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What are allergies?

Allergies are on the increase, largely due to our stressful lives and the polluted environments in which we live.

They are caused by a reaction to allergens – substances that cause an allergic reaction in certain individuals.

Dust mite allergies are a common example. Typical symptoms include runny noses, itchiness, sneezing and dry coughs. These symptoms not only make daily life difficult, but also affect sleep quality, leading to an exhausting vicious circle. Lots of people are allergic to dust mites, without even knowing it! If you often have a blocked nose or sneezing fits when you wake up, then it’s highly likely you have a dust mite allergy.

How can we reduce allergies?

There’s no magic wand solution, but there a plenty of preventive measures you can take.


You can reduce allergic reactions by changing your diet. Doctors recommend diets high in vitamin C. Studies have shown that people suffering from allergies are often deficient in vitamin C. Eating a healthy, balanced diet has also proved to be an effective measure.

Your home

Firstly, you can install air conditioning to reduce humidity levels. It’s also vital that you keep dust under control and limit pollutants emitted by smoking, household cleaning products and other chemical substances. Dust mites thrive on synthetic curtains, rugs and carpets. So make sure you regularly clean soft furnishings at a high temperature.


We spend about a third of our lives in bed. And if we’re not careful, bed linen can become infested with dust mites. Dust mites love hot, humid, airless environments and feed off dead skin cells on our beds. Mattresses, pillows and duvets are perfect dust mite breeding grounds. This is why it’s wise to regularly wash our sheets and air our beds each morning so as to reduce humidity levels.

The benefits of silk

Inhospitable fibres (for dust mites)

Science has shown that silk is a fabric that dust mites find inhospitable. It’s an absorbant material that prevents moisture from stagnating on its fibres. Plus dust mites are unable to nest in its fine threads.

Air flow

Our silk duvets and silk pillows are made from breathable silk fibres with natural thermoregulatory properties to help reduce sweating. What’s more, our silk duvets aren’t quilted, meaning air circulates and sweat evaporates. See our silk duvets guide.

A soft, soothing fabric

Silk is a natural fibre with a DNA structure close to that of skin. Soft the touch, it reduces the risk of chaffing or inflammation. Sleeping between satin silk sheets is often recommended to people who’ve suffered burns.

Hence the reason why silk is perfect for bed linen. The silk that we use is untreated and 100% natural. Meaning it’s ideal for anyone who suffers from skin or respiratory allergies.

Why choose our products?

Silk’s remarkable, natural properties aside, Maison de la Soie only uses the finest quality silk for its products. Our products are frequently quality controlled by OekoTex, an independent laboratory that tests for harmful substances.