Finally, an inexpensive silk pillowcase

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Here at Maison de la Soie we attach great importance to making our products accessible to as many people as possible. We are convinced of the beneficial qualities of silk and we think it should be available to everybody.

Silk bedding: a luxury or a necessity?

It is definitely true to say that silk immediately brings to mind ideas of luxury and comfort. However, there are people who have to use silk not for reasons of comfort but out of necessity. We have heard touching first hand accounts from serious burns victims who do not have a choice in the matter. Silk is the only material their skin can tolerate, and by using it they are able to avoid daily cortisone injections. Silk also helps to ease the suffering of millions of people affected by allergies or skin conditions.

Additionally, silk is a definite ally in the battle to stay beautiful and fight the effects of cell ageing. In fact this topic was discussed in detail in a preceding article (The silk pillowcase, your beauty secret).

Pay only for what you use:

We came to the realisation that most people actually only use one side of their pillowcase. The other side, which serves to wrap around and enclose the pillow, more often than not remains pressed against the mattress, out of sight and invisible. This being the case, why pay full price for this other side?

A new concept

We therefore racked our brains to come up with a way of drastically reducing the retail prices of our silk pillowcases without reducing the quality of the silk, and here’s the result:

The silk and cotton pillowcase

Maison de la Soie is delighted to be able to introduce the first pillowcase with one side made entirely from 19 momme ivory mulberry silk and the other from cotton. Our silk and cotton pillowcases start at €19.99 (price per pillowcase when two purchased as a pair with 20% off). This is quite simply the least expensive silk pillowcase on the market.

And that’s not all

Our silk duvet covers are now also available in silk and cotton, which means the amount you save is multiplied several times over as the surface area of the silk saved is even greater. Of course, cotton is less shiny and less pretty than silk, but the important thing is to sleep in a bed with silk bedding, and this is now available at a very affordable price. Additionally, get 20% off when you purchase a full bed set in silk and cotton.

Parure de lit en soie et coton